What do we do?

• RFID tracking of patients, medical staff, access, stocks, medications, dispensations and daily processes in healthcare?
• Computerizing the patient, infrastructure and systems integration?
• Ultimate platform at the point of care in every bed for comprehensive patient management
• The best tool for accessing medical station.?
• Cost reduction in equipment, management, maintenance?
• Increased staff productivity?
• MEDIP platform connected to rest of the systems due to the standardization of our protocol?
• Optimize the resources allocated to each task?
• R&D on systems and devices to help physicians and nursing staff in their work?
• The best user experience changing the way they access to the ultimate multimedia & entertainment platform

We focus on providing you the best solutions in the ICT arena as well as soft-landing services .

How do we help the hospitals?

• Installing an anti-bacterial medical touchscreen terminal next to every bed
• Supplying access to real-time data virtually anywhere, in a faster, easiest and more secure way?
• Installing a system to ensure a cost reduction with equipment, devices, infrastructures and procedures, as well as detecting and preventing human errors to save lives
• Giving a tool to reach the best patient’s care
• Assisting the team by making pertinent data readily accessible, to ensure that medical staff makes the most informed decisions possible.
• Researching and Developing solutions to save cost, save lives, increase productivity and improve the patient’s care


What benefits do we offer for the hospital?

• Enhanced quality and accuracy of clinical records?
• Real time entry of data and quicker access to information?
• Decreased overtime for professionals?
• Less “corridor time”?
• Reduced medication errors?
• Reduction in the use of the nurse call system by patients?
• Processing patient data electronically?
• Statistical analysis assists in the procedural improvements.?
• All in all, electronic patient data processing saves costs. The savings potential contributes to cost-efficient clinic management:
o Transform the work environment for nurses?
o Care team satisfaction?
o Patient and family satisfaction?
o Reduction of the percentage of time spent in documentation
o Increase of the percentage of time spent in direct patient care
o Increase of the percentage of time spent in value-added work
o Care for patients: safe, reliable, effective and equitable.


What benefit do we offer for patient?

• Safety of medical care is increased?
• Potential mistakes during the input of medical records are avoided?
• Quick access to patient records allows personnel to perform a focused assessment of current medical state?
• Vital Signs monitor installed enables taking measurements at every bed
• Validation of patient data?
• Exact match between the patient in the bed and the one on file, including drugs, meals, prescriptions, etc.?
• Increase in the professional efficiency by providing rapid access to reliable data.


Translation & Localization

Words matter. Having a consistent, country- and region-specific message, whether printed on the product packaging or displayed on your home. Building on years of technical and human experience in more than 10 European markets, IPTEC can guide your project into great success.

We adhere to a tested process to assure quality in our implementation and Run-up projects.
1. Client request and consultation with project manager.?
2. Project assignment to the adequate professional.?
3. Project submission to proofreading team.?
4. Submission to project manager for final review.?
5. Project submission to client for review and acceptance.

We work with clients to offer them the needed service and support in the future:

  • Entertainment support
  • Web alignment
  • User documentation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Internal documentation

Why Choose Us?

  • Reduce the communication gap: communication across borders is vital for us. A great number of offshore projects run over budget due to breakdowns in communication and cultural miscalculations, not to mention poor management. IPTEC understands your deadlines, work culture and objectives, offering solutions without the language barrier.
  • Experience: Although our customers are concentrated in profit, we have demonstrated experience managing remote teams, possessing a track record of successful projects on four continents overseen at a distance.
  • Agile methodologies: We pride ourselves on being an agile team, adapting our processes to?manage projects based on customers’ budgets, schedules and tastes.
  • QA: Our Quality Assurance mechanism includes Test-Driven Development, Continuous?Integration and a tight development version release cycle, allowing us to closely monitor the?quality of our job.
  • TLC for your business: A complete team of Technical Experts – engineers, Team Leaders, Project Managers and Developers – analyzes your idea and creates a road map to carry it out. If you have your own team, we will gladly collaborate with them to create an effective solution.

What Clients Say

“…their customer vision, their closeness, their being-an-ally attitude instead being just a provider. Thanks to their solution we can speed up processes and adapt to our customer needs.”
Yolanda Toral – CEO, Carpe Innova

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